Elisabeth joined the Assist2Educate sponsorship program in February 2011. She is an orphan with no brothers and sisters and therefore no financial support for secondary education. Initially Elisabeth attended the Tumutumu Girls High School graduating at the end of 2014.  From the beginning of her sponsorship Elisabeth showed promise with good results and hard work.  She expressed an interest in attending a management course at the Kenyan Institute of Management and with the very kind continued support of her sponsor finalised her course at the end of December 2016.  She completed the following modules:  

  • Financial and cost accounting 1

  • Management information systems

  • Organisational behaviour

  • Economics

  • Business statistics

  • Business law

Elisabeth is now happily looking for work and we will update on her progress.


Eunice joined the Assist2Educate sponsorship program in February 2012.  After two years at the Kilimanjaro Girls High School, Eunice completed her Kenyan Certificate of Secondary education in November 2014.  It was during a visit to Kenya in February 2015 that some of the Trustees met Eunice.  She spoke with us about the possibility of continuing her education at a tertiary level.  These discussions were becoming a theme and we quickly realised that this is something that as a Charity we should be supporting to empower the students for the future.  We agreed that we would help Eunice attain this level of education and she was accepted at Kibwezi Teachers' training college. Eunice completed a 2 year teacher diploma course.  On graduation, Eunice secured a teaching job at a local school in Loitokitok, the Iltilal Primary school.


Isaac joined the Assist2Educate sponsorship program in February 2013.  Isaac was initially with A2E for less than one year as in November 2013 he sat his Kenyan Certificate of Secondary Education (which was when his sponsorship program ended).  At that time the Charity had decided to provide sponsorship to the end of secondary education.  It was only after a visit to Kenya in February of 2015 with some of the Assist2Educate Trustees that we were fortunate to meet with Issac and discussed with him what he had been doing since he had graduated from secondary school.  Isaac advised us that sadly he had not been able to find paid employment, but had been volunteering at a local school.  It was after this discussion that the Trustees appreciated that without tertiary level education many students would not be able to obtain skilled, paid employment.  Assist2Educate decided to provide support for tertiary level education for some of our students, if appropriate.  Isaac re-entered the sponsorship program when he was accepted at Kibwezi Teachers' training college for a 2 year diploma course. The course ended in 2016 and below is a picture of Issac (with his very proud parents) at his graduation from Teacher Training College.  We are pleased that Assist2Educate was able help Issac achieve his goal of becoming a teacher. Assist2Educate has recently been advised that Issac has managed to secure a teaching position at Oyarata School in Loitokitok.  It is encouraging to learn that students are managing to obtain employment after successfully completing their education with the help of Assist2Educate.